GNSS message

The content of the GNSS part of the beacon message consists of a GPRMC NMEA 0183 message with the format given below using an example:



GNSS message

Description [unit/format]Example valueExample meaning
1Time (UTC) of position fix [hhmmss.ff]220516.3822:05:16.38
2Status, warning A = OK, V = warningAOK
3Latitude [ddmm.ff]5133.8251°33.82' North
4North/South latitude indicator [N/S]N
5Longitude [dddmm.ff]2311.1223°11.12' West
6East/West longitude indicator [E/W]W
7Ground speed [knots]1360613606 knots or 7000 m/s
8Course over ground [°]54.754.7°
9Date [ddmmyy]27081627/08/2016
10Magnetic variation [°]20.320.3° E
11East/West magnetic var. indicator [E/W]W

Note that the checksum field is not included, integrity of the message is already performed at both AX.25 and FX.25 levels.